Animation Studies as a discipline is often described as being over looked with regards to other moving image studies, but in the last 25 years, thanks in part to the development of the Society for Animation Studies (founded in 1987), the subject has grown significantly.

The pace of published research has often lagged behind the vast technological developments in the animation industry and as such there is often seen to be gaps in the discourse. This blog intends to attempt to fill some of these gaps by providing scholars (and fans) a more immediate place to engage with current research.

Each month will feature a different theme; initially we will seek four posts per month (one to post each week). The deadlines will be posted with the call but contributors can send posts before the date; if accepted, the posts will be held until the appropriate theme month. We look for posts between 600 and 900 words, and we strongly encourage the use of clips and images to illustrate them. We also welcome suggestions for themes and/or guest editors.

The blog has been inspired by such excellent academic sites as In Media Res and CST Online and hopes to develop into a vital resource. The posts will hopefully provide a starting point for feedback and discussions among the animation (and moving image) community.


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