Animation and Stardom

NEW Deadline: April 9, 2017


April’s theme invites posts that reflect on any of the possible intersections between animation and stardom. In particular, on the one hand, we seek contributions that underscore the peculiarities of “cartoon stardom”, by pointing out in which terms an animated character can be considered a star, how the star persona of an animated actor is constructed and why only certain animated figures reach star status.

On the other hand, we welcome also posts reflecting on how real-life actors use their participation in animated movies to renegotiate or reinforce their star image and what brings animators to chose a set star to dub an animated character.


Topics may include but are not limited to:

– Animated characters and star status

– The construction of an animated character as star

– The use of real-life stars as models for animated characters

– Historical perspectives on the development of stardom in the animation realm

– Animators as stars

– Real-life stars and their relationship to animated films

– The employment of famous voices in animated works

– The politics of stardom in the animation industry.


Posts of between 400 and 600 words, which discuss any aspect of the above topic are welcome. Contributors are encouraged to include clips and images to support their posts. Please also include a short bio to accompany the post. All permissions are the responsibility of the contributor. Please contact the editors Nichola Dobson (, Cristina Formenti ( and with submissions or questions.