October theme: Women in Animation

Guest curated by: Bella Honess Roe

Deadline: September 26th, 2017


This month’s theme invites posts related to women in animation, both on screen and behind the camera/pencil/computer. All approaches are welcome, including ‘conventional’ pieces of research or research-in-progress, think-pieces, opinion-pieces, practitioner perspectives, and so on. Animation is taken here to include VFX. In considering topics, we suggest authors browse the blog’s previous posts on ‘gender and animation’ to avoid duplication, but also for the potential to offer responses or updates in dialogue to any of those relevant earlier posts (previous posts can be browsed here).


Topics may include, but are not limited to:

– The representation of women in commercial and independent animation,

past and present;

– Women’s role in animation production (commercial and independent), past

and present;

– Issues in terms of women’s access to the industry/practice;

– Explorations of the work of female animators;

– Thoughts on teaching women in animation;

– Perceptions of female animators – within the workplace, by the press, etc.;

– Challenges and opportunities of historical research into women animators;

– The notion of a ‘feminine aesthetic’ (as suggested by Paul Wells

in Understanding Animation).


Posts of between 600 and 800 words, which discuss any aspect of the above topic are welcome. Contributors are encouraged to include clips and at least one image to support their posts. Please also include a short bio to accompany the post and 3 keywords. All permissions are the responsibility of the contributor. Please contact the guest curator Bella Honess Roe (a.honessroe(at)surrey.ac.uk) and the editors Nichola Dobson (nichola_dobson@yahoo.co.uk) and Cristina Formenti (cristina.formenti@unimi.it) with submissions or questions.