CFP  Children’s Animation

(September theme)

Deadline Monday 24th August

A common issue in animation studies is the requirement to explain to those outside the academy that animation is not just for children – “Its not all Disney etc.” However despite this, some animation is of course made for children. This month we invite posts on all things animated for the younger audience.

Topics include but not limited to:

  • Infant and Pre-school
  • Education and/or entertainment?
  • Suitable content/age range and moving to more mature content.
  • The Saturday morning hangover
  • The old violence debate
  • Adult enjoyment (& co-opting) of ‘children’s shows’
  • The great merchandise swindle

Posts of between 300 and 500 words, which discuss any aspect of the above topic are welcome. Contributors are encouraged to include clips and images to support their posts. Please also include a short bio to accompany the post. All permissions are the responsibility of the contributor. Please contact the editor with submissions or questions.