CFP New Theoretical Approaches in Animation (February theme)

(DEADLINE FRIDAY 17TH January 2014)


There has been much talk of the ‘crisis in film studies’ and a ‘post theory’ shift – but how does this affect animation studies? This month’s theme invites posts which discuss any new approaches, (or re-developed old approaches) to the theories in animation, and moving image studies generally.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

–       Is critical theory still useful?

–       Is there a ‘crisis’ in animation studies and what do we do about it?

–       Where does animation studies ‘fit’ in the humanities? And does it matter?

–       The changing pace of practice and technology – how do we critique this?

–       Interdisciplinary approaches.

–       Genre; gender; aesthetics; auteur theory – old school approaches.

–       A new ‘language of cinema’


Posts of between 300 and 500 words, which discuss any aspect of the above topic are welcome.  Contributors are encouraged to include clips and images to support their posts.  Please also include a short bio to accompany the post. All permissions are the responsibility of the contributor. Please contact the editor with submissions or questions.