CFP “Alternative/Forgotten Histories”

November Theme (deadline 24th October 2014)

We invite posts (approximately 300-500 words) on the theme of ‘Alternative/ Forgotten Histories’. Topics may include, but not are not limited to:

Histories of Animation

·         Untold/ little known histories of animation, such as the development of particular styles or technologies

·         Profiles of under-appreciated animators or animation studios

·         Rethinking of the history of animation, ie. from a media archaeology perspective, reconsidering its significance in film studies/ film history

Animation as History

·         Indigenous and diasporic stories told through animation

·         The use of the animation medium to tell stories difficult to show in live-action

·         ‘Other’ histories, for example her-story during wartime; individual experiences that critique grand historical narratives

·         Historical revisionism and animation – a critique of the medium and realism

·         The role of animation in the ‘New Historicism’ debate: animation as history? animation as memory?

The blog posts will be published weekly throughout November. Deadline for submission is October 24th 2014. Please send posts to Victoria Grace Walden at: